Use the AMTC Breeder Directory Listing to start your quest for a new Manchester Terrier to grace your home and enhance your life.  This is a Geographical list of American Manchester Terrier Club members currently active in breeding one or both varieties (Standard/Toy) of the Manchester Terrier. This information is provided solely as a tool to assist you with locating a breeder within your area to minimize your search. This list is provided as a courtesy only. It is up to you to research the breeder you wish to contact.  Please remember adult Manchester Terriers make great pets too. Breeders often have mature Manchester Terriers that are retired from the show ring or a breeding program and may be available either for sale or adoption.

Here are some helpful tips for selecting a breeder.

1. Visit the breeders home or kennel and ask to see one or both of the parents. This will help you determine the temperament of your potential new puppy. This will also help you see how and where puppy's are raised and see the interaction between the breeder and their dogs. Puppy's should be clean and kept in a clean area. They should also look to be in good health with bright eye's, not skinny and not too overweight.

2. Ask the breeder about health issue's and if they can speak to any health problems in their breeding program. Also do they test for any health problems and if so can they show certificates.

3. Do not be put off if the breeder ask as many if not more questions than you do. Good breeders care about the well being of their dogs and will do all they can to place their pups in the best home's possible. The breeder may also ask you to sign a contract and sell the puppy with breeding restrictions.

4. Don't expect to take a puppy home on the first meeting. Most breeder's do not place puppy's until they are between 8 and 12 weeks old.

5. Looking for a Manchester puppy can be a difficult task as there are not many litter's born each year. With that one can expect to pay more for a Manchester than say a breed that has a lot of litters registered each year. Buying a new puppy is not the time to be thrifty. That being said a high asking price does not make a good breeder it is up to you to do the research and make the right choice for you and your life style.

6. Be sure you can afford to pay for food, toy's, leash and collar, and vet check up's. While Manchester's do not require a lot of grooming they do need regular nail trims and the occasional bath with a good brushing.

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